Tok tok wok


Customize your wok in 4 steps

1. Choose your base

2. Choose your protein

For an extra $25, add another protein
The protein with the highest price will have the $25 added to it.

3. Choose 4 vegetables, + $5 per extra vegetable.

4. Choose your favorite sauce.


Mild spicy



Sweet mango


Kombucha soda $45

Probiotic fermented drink that strengthens the immune system and improves gut health.

Other beverages

Vino sangre de dragón

Sangre de dragón wine $60

It is obtained from the fermentation of a mixture of water and honey.


Juice on us with your reservation
Agua del día
Book a table to dine with your family or friends and we’ll include juice for FREE!*

* This offer is only valid for online reservations for groups of 4 people or more. Free fresh juice will be provided to each person in the group that meets the reservation requirements. limited to a glass of juice per person