Tok tok wok

About us

In Tok Tok Wok, we don’t make generic dishes.

When you come to us, the dish you choose is something never seen before and your taste buds have not tried. The fire comes to life and infuses its spirit into each Wok, creating a unique, personalized, and delicious experience. The atmosphere is perfect for sharing with friends, family, or enjoying alone. The blend of local ingredients with an oriental touch creates an inexplicable fusion that you can only understand when you try it.

Don’t wait any longer to try the inexplicable fusion of our local ingredients! We are located on Cristobal Colon Avenue in San Cristobal de las Casas. We are waiting for you!


Juice on us with your reservation
Agua del día
Book a table to dine with your family or friends and we’ll include juice for FREE!*

* This offer is only valid for online reservations for groups of 4 people or more. Free fresh juice will be provided to each person in the group that meets the reservation requirements. limited to a glass of juice per person